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Electro-Technik focus on the construction of cable and wiring harnesses, electromechanical assembly, bespoke box builds and product modification. Established in 1984, Electro-Technik have celebrated over 30 years in the industry, with over 20 members of staff including a wire harness manufacturer. With a wire harness manurfacturer, we understand that each wiring harness project is different depending on the product and the client. We will ensure that your project will run smoothly and meet your expectations.


Every product that our wire harness manufacturer makes will go through our own designated test and inspection area, they will conduct visual or continuity testing to ensure that the product meets our standards. We also have a range of awards and accreditations, proving that we are the perfect match to help create your project. We have a BS EN management systems certificate and ISO certificates; we also have the Queens Award for Innovation for our wire harness manufacturer services. We are also proud to be UL approved, allowing us, as your wire harness manufacturer, to produce products for the US and Canadian market that are UL listed.


Our main emphasis is customer service, we always want to build a close working relationship with all of our clients. We want to make sure you know that we are always here to help as your wire harness manufacturer, we can answer any question you may have. With our flexible capacity, automated machinery and quality control checks, we can maximise your opportunities and help minimise start-up and ongoing costs. Our team will always try and provide the best possible service to you and ensure we are providing a high-quality service.


As your wire harness manufacturer, we can provide any of our services to your business. Our services includes wire stripping, cable harnesses, electromechanical assembly and product modifications. We always aim to work flexibly with low moqs and quick turnaround times. Electro-Technik are the perfect choice to help you with your wiring or cable project! As a wire harness manufacturer we will always try and provide with a top-quality service.

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