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Electro-Technik was established in 1984 and have celebrated over 30 years in business in providing services using an automatic wire stripper. We are able to supply and complete projects for customers with low moqs and quick turnaround times, making our services flexible.


An automatic wire stripper is a hand-held tool that is designed to remove insulation or outer sheath from electrical wires. There are various types of automatic wire strippers which are able to strip the cable to cutting copper and conduit. An automatic wire stripper is also known as cable strippers or cable wire strippers.


An automatic wire stripper is essential for our services as they can create a neat and tidy cut on wires. We work with all types of equipment manufacturers, contractors and sourcing managers for industries like automotive, power distribution and the marine industry. Electro-Technik always aim to build a strong customer relationship with our customers, each customer will receive a direct manager to contact regularly to make sure the project runs smoothly.


We are proud to be UL approved which means we can offer our services to the US and Canadian markets. Our UL listed projects, made with an automatic wire stripper, have been through extensive testing to make sure that the products meet specific and defined requirements. We also have a BS EN management systems certificate and an ISO certificate.


Our team have access to the latest technology and equipment to complete any projects. All of our staff are fully trained and have a wealth of knowledge about automatic wire strippers to complete any wiring projects. Electro-Technik purchased their first automatic wire stripping machine in 1990, since then we have been able to upgrade our knowledge, capabilities and equipment to provide the best service possible.


Want to find out more about our automatic wire stripper equipment? Get in touch with us today!

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