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A cable harness is a system of binding cables of the same or different type into one structured cable. Typically, there are arrays of wires or cables that transmit electrical power or are used for mechanical or electrical signalling. Electro-Technik was established in 1984 and have origins in cable harnesses, since then we have an outstanding commitment to quality and manufacturing excellent products.


We offer a range of services from creating bespoke looms to a cable harness. We always aim to help our clients and their business with OEM’s and reduced costs without compromising on quality. Our team are fully trained and qualified to produce projects, no matter how complex they may be.


There are lots of benefits of using a cable harness over loose cabling or wiring. By binding or assembling wires and cables together, the application will become safer, securer and easier to manage. The outer jacket, sheath or other form of binding gives a protective layer to the cable harness which makes it more rigidity and safeguards the wires against any threats, abrasions, vibrations, breakages or moisture.


A lot of industries or technologies have a high volume of wiring or cables running through their property, with a cable harness it is easier to apply and optimise the space in the building to make full use of the area. A cable harness can also offer a less chance of a short circuit occurring and fire resistance of internal cables.


A cable harness can benefit any type of industry. Electro-Technik can help assist you in your project. Our flexible service allows us to work to low moqs and quick turnaround times. We have a strong emphasis on customer service and always aim to build close working relationships. We always want to allow our customers to maximise their opportunities and minimise any costs.


If you’re interested in any of our services, get in touch with us today!

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