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Electro-Technik supports and partners OEM customers with sub-assembly box builds through many years of experience and knowledge. We have a commitment to the quality and manufacturing of our electromechanical assembly service. With our electromechanical assembly service, we can offer box builds, control panels, panel wiring and control boxes to your exact requirements.


As what we make is tailored to your needs, we will use a well-developed supply chain for standard components. This means that lead times can be short or significantly reduced from many competitors lead times. Electro-Technik understands the importance of quality, so we make sure we test all of our electromechanical assembly projects. We also understand the need of flexibility to suit your needs, which is why we can be a partner to your manufacturing facility.


Like our cable harnesses, our electromechanical assembly is produced to a high quality for demanding applications. There are electromechanical assemblies of all kinds everywhere in the world, we work with businesses in all sorts of industries like lighting, industrial machinery and the audio & broadcast sector.


With over 30 years of experience, we have the skills and knowledge needed for electromechanical assembly, box build assembly, electronic product assembly, control box assembly, cable loom assembly, control panel assembly and assembling electronic kits. Electromechanical assembly is complicated and demands a high level of skill, precision, accuracy and consistency. Our team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating electromechanical assembly builds for our clients. Everything we make on this service is made using the best materials and machinery to ensure that you receive the best product.


We are proud to have the Queens Award for Innovation and BS EN Management Systems certification. We are also UL approved, ensuring us to produce any products for the US and Canadian markets. Interested in our electromechanical assembly service? Get in touch with our team today!

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