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A family run business established 1984 we have celebrated over 30 years in business giving us experience and knowledge of our field. Electro–Technik employ currently over 20 members of staff, and have many with over 10 years’ service. Every customer will have a direct manager to every enquiry we receive.

We supply many different customers and work flexible with low moq’s and quick turnaround times, Our capabilities range from cable assemblies, panel assemblies, box build and gear trays for lighting.

Electro place a strong emphasis on customer service and will always want to build close working relationships, we work with many different sizes of organisations . Our flexible capacity, automated machinery and quality control allow our customers to maximise their opportunities and minimize their start-up and ongoing costs. Electro always looks how to provide the best possible service to our customers and now as well as being ISO certified and UL certified.

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Trevor Atkins
Managing Director

After completing my Apprenticeship in engineering I worked my way through the ranks to be become a director within the company and then in 1984 I left to start my own business. We have seen many changes over years in the business and the current management team has a nice balance about it for the future development. I will continue to support and help my son and his team develop the Electro of the future continuing the professional approach and modern changes required both now and in the future.

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Richard Atkins
Technical Director

Having completed my apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering in Manufacturing HNC and Technical Services at a local shop fitting company for 5 years. I joined the company in 2002 as a trainee manager covering all aspects of the business. The company have managed to ride the storm of the worse recession in recent history we are still trading profitably after 31 years. It is my intention to carry on and build on my father's excellent success and take this business on a sustainable growth path.

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